Monday, February 7, 2011

The Green Bay Packers Get It Done!

Getty Images/AP

Green Bay Packers 31 - Pittsburgh Steelers 25

I have to hand it to some of the pundits over at ESPN. This time around they got it right. From the very beginning (when the playoff seeding were set) some of them said, "don't be fooled by the Packers being the No. 6 seed." Analyst Trent Dilfer said something to the effect, "this may be the most dangerous No. 6 seed ever." He was right. They were right.

My gut feeling was also with the Packers. Why? Because I believe in the tenacity of the road warriors. It has happened before. My New York Giants did it in '08. The Steelers did it in '06. The bottom line is, you don't win 3 tough playoff games ON THE ROAD and then not finish the job. If you make it that far after toughing it out on the road, you just gotta find the will to do it one more time. It's the law. Period. So forget all the X's and O's. WILL is much bigger than that.

I'm sure that was Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the team's mentality. Their confidence level and their sense of invincibility were just too high. I guess success on the road can do that to you. No doubt!

I also tip my hat to the Steelers. They came within a whisker of pulling it off, but then again, nobody said it would be easy. And it shouldn't be easy.

In the end, there can only be one winner and how fitting that it was the team from Titletown, USA.

CONGRATS, Green Bay.

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