Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ray Lewis Is (Somewhat) Upset ....And Rightly So!

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You don't have to be a football expert to know that the Baltimore Ravens were set up nicely yesterday to advance to the AFC Championship Game. They led 21-7 at half-time and all they had to do was NOT turn the ball over in the second half, control the clock with a few first downs here and there and let their Hall of Fame defense do their thing.

But unfortunately, somehow, some way, they figured out a way NOT to do that.

The end result: Steelers 31 - Ravens 24.

In Ray Lewis' own words:

"I’ve said it time and time again: The No. 1 thing you cannot do is turn the ball over,” Lewis said in the stoic Baltimore locker room. “That will never change in this business. Ever!"

"When you play the way we did in the first half and then you go into the second half and as soon as you start the game you give the ball away, it’s too much of a momentum swing. They’re already at home, they’ve already got things going their way, and you turn the ball over three, four times in our end of the field? We’re good, but to overcome all of that is harsh on my defense. I wouldn’t put that on my defense because we played our hearts out today.”

Yes indeed, Ray. You are 100% right.

Folks, it was ugly. Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense need to seriously apologize to their defense. They put Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and the rest of the defense in some unbearable circumstances in the second half. I mean, these guys weren't even given a chance to catch their breathes when they were forced to defend in back-to back-to back-to back plays inside their own 20 because of the dreadful offense turning the ball over. Gimme a break!

It was a nightmare. It was dreadful. It was ugly. It was embarrassing. It was shocking. It was grievous. It was a total meltdown. It was ...... (fill in the adjective).

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Darn! I'm getting frustrated just writing about it. All I know is, Flacco and that offense ain't ready for the big time. Even a child could see that yesterday. SMH!

And then there's the Atlanta Falcons--

Hey Matt Ryan, don't feel bad. You and the Falcons wearing that No. 1 seed and the Packers wearing the No. 6 seed were just Halloween costumes. It should have been the other way around and everybody knew that. Just wish someone would have let you guys know.

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