Friday, January 14, 2011

NFL Divisional Playoffs: My "Expert" Picks

Drew Litton/ESPN
The road to the final four continues tomorrow! In the NFL that is.

As always everyone makes their predictions and gives their "expert" analysis as to why their picks will win. So I might as well join the bandwagon. Here goes:

1. Patriots vs. Jets - The Jets defense carried them all the way to the AFC Championship Game last year and it has carried them to the Divisional Playoffs this year with a nail-biting 17-16 win over the Colts in Round 1. The Jets offense will again score 17 points and their defense will tame the explosive Patriots offense somewhat. Unfortunately it won't be enough. Patriots win 27-17.

2. Steelers vs. Ravens - The Steelers are 20-3 since 2000 against the Cleveland Browns and are 2-0 lifetime in the playoffs against the Browns. Say what?! What does this have to do with their playoff game against the Ravens? It means that the Browns can't beat the Steelers even if their life depended on it, so the team formerly known as the Browns is going to have to do it for them. Ravens win 20-16.

Jeff Darcy/The Plain Dealer
3. Falcons vs. Packers - For some reason this doesn't feel like a No. 6 seed vs. a No. 1 seed. Or maybe it's just me? Regardless, Packers win 30-24.

4. Bears vs. Seahawks - At 7-9, the Seattle Seahawks became the first team in NFL history to make the playoffs with a losing record. But I think someone forgot to tell that to the defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints who were booted from the playoffs, 41-36, last week by the Seahawks. I guess the Seahawks turned that "Who Dat" thing into "Take Dat". Anyway, a great philosopher once said, "when the playoffs begin all regular season records get thrown out the window and everyone is at 0-0". Actually, like 10,000 "great philosophers" have said that but it's always true. So now the Seahawks march into Soldier Field as the first team ever to sport an 8-9 record. If they win they'll be the first 9-9 team ever and if they lose they will be the first 8-10 team ever. So regardless of the outcome the Seahawks will make history but I'm sticking with that "come playoff time everyone is at 0-0" thing. The Seahawks are 1-0 and the Bears are 0-0 at this point. I look for the Seahawks to continue to frustrate the so-called experts. Seahawks win, 31-27.

So there it is. I guess I'll call it my "expert" picks. Oh boy!

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