Monday, January 17, 2011

Jets-Patriots: What A Game!

New York Jets 28 - New England Patriots 21

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Well folks, the New York Football Jets are for real! No doubt about it!

They may have all the side-drama and all the baggage they carry around but, at the end of the day, they can play. Who would've thought after the 45-3 thrashing they took in New England just over a month ago that they would go back there and completely neutralize Tom Brady's potent New England offense and completely control the tempo of the game in every which way, shape or form? Wow!

No question head coach Rex Ryan and his coaching staff deserve an Academy Award for the Jets defensive performance yesterday and we gotta tip our hats to them because not too many people, including myself, thought that they could pull it off. And they did.

Getty Images
Anyway, enough writing. I'm sure everyone saw the game and know exactly what went down yesterday. Besides, the above picture collages pretty much say it all.

My, oh my, when have we ever seen so many images of Tom Brady in the doldrums? Now that's a scene we don't see everyday but I guess great defense can do that to you. That's for sure.

Next stop for the Jets-- Steeltown.

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