Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baseball Hot Stove: Apocalypse Now!

Getty Images & Victor Vasnetsov

The BIGGEST winners:

1. Philadelphia Phillies: The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" will be wreaking havoc in the NL pretty soon. 'Nuff said!
2. Boston Red Sox: The "new evil empire" went on a rampage this off-season. Adrian Gonzalez. Carl Crawford. Bobby Jenks. And they ain't done yet. The BoSox should be and will be the favorites to wreak havoc in the AL this coming season.

Did I hear a Red Sox-Phillies World Series?

AP Photos

Other winners:

3. Chicago White Sox: The White Sox resigned Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski. Good moves. They also signed Adam Dunn to a 4-year deal. Another good move. And what have the crosstown Cubs done? As usual--NOTHING. Oh sorry, they did sign Carlos ".196" Pena to a 1-year, $10 million, 180 strikeouts, deal.
4. New York Yankees: They resigned "The Captain" Derek Jeter, closer Mo Rivera and acquired catcher Russell Martin. And of course, they are still the New York Yankee$.
5. Milwaukee Brewers: Zack Greinke is going to the Brew Crew.

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The BIGGEST losers:

1. Kansas City Royals: Zack Greinke is going to the Brew Crew.
2. New York Mets: The team has lots of money, but doesn't give a damn. The biggest move they made thus far is signing, ahem, D.J. Carrasco to a 2-year deal. D.J. who? Is this a new player or the new deejay at Club New York?
3. Chicago Cubs: The team has lots of money, but doesn't give a damn (part 2). Their power move: Carlos Pena and a guaranteed 103rd year of misery for their fans.
4. Los Angeles Angels: The Halos have joined the Mets and Cubs in the "this is a business-as long as we make money, who cares" club.


Other losers (but by default):

The Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres. These teams want to continue winning but are strapped for cash. Unlike the above three losers (Mets, Cubs and Angels) who have the loot but just don't care.

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