Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why The Texas Rangers Lost....

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out what went wrong for the Texas Rangers, who were ousted from their first-ever World Series, 4-1, by the San Francisco Giants.

Just looking at the numbers put up by their starting lineup says it all:

1) Elvis Andrus: 3-17, .176 BA
2) Mike Young: 5-20, .250 BA
3) Josh Hamilton: 2-20, .100 BA
4) Vlad Guerrero: 1-14, .071 BA
5) Nelson Cruz: 4-20 .200 BA
6) Ian Kinsler: 3-16, .188 BA
7) Jeff Francoeur: 0-6, 0.00 BA
7A) David Murphy: 1-7, .143 BA
8) Benjie Molina: 2-11, .182 BA
9) Mitch Moreland: 6-13, .462 BA

Team Batting Average: .190

Only the No. 9 hitter, Mitch Moreland, was able to figure out the Giants deadly pitching staff.

With those kinda numbers from such a potent lineup, the Rangers should be happy they weren't swept.

The Giants pitchers were NO JOKE! That's for sure.

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  1. You betcha! Pitching, Pitching Pitching!

  2. Free-agent time!

    Imagine.... a beautiful red sports-car (The Rangers).....with lots of horse-power.... But what good is it, if it doesn't have emergency breaks!!!

    In the locker room, Ron Wash said the Rangers were the better team than the Cardinals. But that wasn't completely true. In the end, don't blame the umps...blame the pitching.
    The Cardinals outscored the Rangers at Busch, but also at Arlington!

    The Rangers are a great sports-car, but without emergency breaks, the Rangers will NEVER win the world series. After this psychologically devastating world series, pitching is the ONLY remedy that will both re-claim the division title & lock in a world series once they get a lead.