Sunday, November 28, 2010

TCU Waits!

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The TCU Horned Frogs ended their regular season unbeaten, untied, un-everything.

So now the Horned Frogs can only wait.

There are only two likely scenarios (or so there should be) for TCU. They'll either play in the BCS championship game or in the Rose Bowl against the Big 10 champion, the Wisconsin Badgers (11-1).

The No. 1 Oregon Ducks (11-0) and the No. 2 Auburn Tigers (12-0) have the upper hand on the title game. If they win out, these two powerhouses will most definitely clash for the national championship and TCU (12-0) will (or should) play in the Rose Bowl.

But if one of them (or both) should falter, then TCU may end up playing in the title game. But from the looks of things it's going to be Oregon vs. Auburn for the national title, unless their final opponents (Oregon State and South Carolina) have other ideas.

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As for the LSU Tigers, their BCS hopes came crashing down with a tough loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks. The win put Arkansas (10-2) in a lovely position for a BCS bowl and they'll most likely play in the Sugar Bowl. For their great season, LSU (10-2) will most likely be rewarded with a trip to the best of the non-BCS bowls, the Cotton Bowl.

The big loser (as usual) are the Boise State Broncos. Their heartbreaking overtime loss to the Nevada Wolf Pack eliminated them from the BCS picture and sent them into oblivion. It's a shame because, at 10-1, they should still be in the BCS conversation, but as we all know, it doesn't work that way for mid-majors. In the "second-class citizen" world of the mid-majors, you're either perfect or you end up in an unknown neighborhood bowl. Boise State knows this all too well.

Elsewhere, kudos to the Virginia Tech Hokies. After an 0-2 start and getting written off by everyone, including myself, the Hokies (10-2) have gone on a 10-game winning streak, a trip to the ACC title game and a chance at a BCS bowl game-- most likely the Orange Bowl. If the Hokies defeat Florida State in the ACC title game and go on to win the Orange Bowl, they may end up in the final Top 5 after everyone left them for dead earlier on. Not bad.

As for automatic bids, personally I think the lame Big East conference should be stripped of their automatic BCS bid and it should be given to the WAC conference. I'll put my money on Boise State, Nevada and Hawaii against any team in the Big East any day of the week. So I look for Virginia Tech to crush the Big East champion in the Orange Bowl.

No doubt about it.

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