Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nevada Wolf Pack: The New Sheriff In Town

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And then there were three.

We can now scratch the Boise State Broncos from the BCS title picture as the Broncos were stunned by the Nevada Wolf Pack 34-31 in overtime.

And so Nevada's dream season continues.

The Wolf Pack (11-1) not only won the game but did so in dramatic fashion. They trailed 24-7 at half time but went on to outscore Boise State 27-7 in the second half and beyond.

The loss ended Boise State's 24-game winning streak and pretty much crushed their BCS hopes.

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So now only the Oregon Ducks (11-0), the Auburn Tigers (12-0) and the TCU Horned Frogs (11-0) remain in the fraternity of the unbeaten. The No. 1 Ducks and the No. 2 Tigers are no doubt in the driver's seat and marching toward the BCS title game. Both the Ducks and the Tigers eliminated their biggest remaining foes yesterday (Arizona and Alabama, respectively) and now it's only a matter of winning out for their trips to the title game. Only the Oregon State Beavers and the South Carolina Gamecocks stand in their way.

As for No. 4 TCU, they're still in the picture but as we all know they (fairly or unfairly) suffer from the "mid-major flu". They would need either Oregon or Auburn to falter and then hope the BCS is in the Christmas spirit because even going unbeaten doesn't guarantee them anything, as far as the title game is concerned.

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As for the other title game contender--

An interesting scenario has unfolded for the No. 5 LSU Tigers (10-1). If they win at No. 12 Arkansas AND Oregon loses to Oregon State AND Auburn loses to South Carolina in the SEC championship game then LSU could sneak in and steal a BCS title berth. They would do so without having to play in the conference championship game and having lost to Auburn. This scenario is not too far-fetched so no doubt the Tigers are still in the conversation.

And knowing the BCS, it wouldn't surprise me if an 11-1 LSU leapfrogs a 12-0 TCU or at best it'll be TCU vs. LSU for the national title. Of course, assuming both Oregon and Auburn lose.

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