Friday, October 8, 2010

The Umpires Strike Back!

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Yes folks, Mike Young and Lance Berkman, BOTH STRUCK OUT!

And yes, Buster Posey was out at second base!

Once again, the MLB Playoffs have been tarnished by BAD CALLS by the umpires.

I'm not taking anything away from the Rangers and Yankees victories. They most likely would have won the games anyway, but you just hate to see when BLOWN CALLS have a direct impact on a game.

The Michael Young 3-run home run (after a blown call) and the Lance Berkman RBI-double (after a blown call) had a huge impact on both games.

And the Buster Posey stolen base?

Let's face it-- Posey was out by a mile and this BLOWN CALL DIRECTLY impacted the game because Posey would come around to score the game's only run.

But unfortunately, MLB has taken a stubborn stance on the public outcry for instant replay-- at the very least for the playoffs. To them it all sounds like a foreign language.

And that's a real shame.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and the AP


  1. Not taking anything away from Lincecum, but the Braves got hosed yesterday. Love the funny photo collages, we all got a kick out of them at the office.