Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Getty Images & New Line Cinema
Game 4: Texas Rangers 10 - New York Yankees 3
Rangers lead series, 3-1

The Rangers are puttin' a hurtin' on the Yankees.

They have outscored New York 25-5 in the last 3 games and have taken a commanding 3-1 lead in the ALCS.

It has been a TOTAL BEATDOWN-- no question about it!

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Ever since the now-infamous collapse in the 8th inning of Game 1, the Rangers have dominated and outplayed the Yankees in every way possible. They've OUTHIT, OUT-PITCHED, OUT-BULLPENED, OUT-RAN THE BASES, OUT-EVERYTHING the Yanks.

The Game 1 collapse could have been a blessing in disguise for the Rangers because it has made them a relentless offensive machine. I guess we can say, they learned the hard way that no lead is safe. My, oh my, have they responded.

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2 HR in Game 4, 4 HR in 2010 Playoffs

And now they are 1 game away from reaching their first-ever World Series. A dream 50 years in the making may FINALLY come to fruition.

Are the Yankees done? NO. They could never be counted out.

But who would've thought that they would be so desperately looking forward to facing Cliff Lee? And that's exactly what they need because if they face Lee, one more time, then they'll know they'll be playing in Game 7.

And they have to play a Game 7 or else GOODBYE!

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