Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Reds Live and Die By The Sword

Philadelphia Phillies 7 - Cincinnati Reds 4
Phillies lead series, 2-0

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"It’s embarrassing, I take great pride in my defense, but there was nothing I can do about it.” -Jay Bruce

I guess in life, we live and die by the sword.

The Reds, who sported one of the best defenses in the major leagues, are in an 0-2 hole because, well, their defense let them down in Game 2 against the Phillies.

Oh and, 3 hit-batsmen by their bullpen didn't help either.

The Reds made an NL-low 72 errors and sported an MLB-best .988 fielding percentage during the regular season, but they made 4 errors in Game 2 and a 4-0 lead became a 7-4 loss. The 4 errors tied a major league postseason record for most errors in a game. They tied the Chicago Cubs who also made four errors in a game in the 2008 NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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“I feel like I let my team down,” Bruce said. “It was in the lights the whole time. I tried to stick with it. It was a pretty helpless feeling.”

Brandon Phillips also made two key errors in the game. Scott Rolen made the other error.

"Errors are going to be made, but that game should have been 4-0. I messed up. I feel like that was my fault. I lost that game. I'll take the loss for this, because we should have won that game." -Brandon Phillips

For the record, the last time the Reds had a combined 4 errors and 3 hit-batsmen in the same game was on May 14, 1939. I think they picked the worst possible moment to be repeating old feats.

The one thing baseball has always taught us-- sometimes facts are stranger than fiction.

That's for sure!

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