Friday, October 1, 2010

How The West Was Lost!

Ok, I know I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Yes, I know the San Francisco Giants magic number is at 1 going into this weekend's big showdown with the San Diego Padres.

And I know the Padres are still technically alive.

But the Padres have to sweep the final 3-game series in San Francisco in order to clinch at least a tie for the NL West and they need the Atlanta Braves to lose 2 out of 3 in their final series with the Philadelphia Phillies in order to have any Wild-Card hopes.

If all of this happens, then the Padres save themselves from the dubious distinction of having one of the biggest collapses in major league history.

Sorry Padres fans, it sounds like a tall order to me.

And it's sad because the Padres have had the most consistent pitching staff in the major leagues all season long.


There are just 4 words to describe it, Ten Game Losing Streak.

The 10-game losing streak the Padres suffered, from August 26 to September 5, was just TOO MUCH to overcome. It was too deep a wound this late in the season.

On August 25, the Padres were 76-49, 6.5 games (8 in the loss column) ahead of the Giants, who were 71-57.

Then came the "LOSING STREAK".

When it ended on September 6, the Padres were 77-59, just 1 game ahead of the Giants, who were 77-61. Just the simple fact that they were still in first place after taking such a huge hit was amazing in itself. But the losing streak gave new life and hope to San Francisco. I guess we can say, it woke up a sleeping giant (no pun intended).

And since the nightmare losing streak, the Padres have gone 11-12, while the Giants have gone 14-7, with the end result being, the Padres needing to sweep 3 games from the Giants and pray that the Braves lose 2 out of 3 to the Phillies.

I must say, it's a huge mountain to climb. Too much to ask for with too little games left. The Padres could have gone 4-6 during the now-infamous 10-game span and they would've been sipping champagne right about now.

But it is what it is.

I just have a gut feeling it's going to be a long off-season in San Diego.

Photos courtesy of the AP
Logos courtesy of the San Diego Padres

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