Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Giants Get It Done


The Giants (92-70) needed 1 win and they got 1 win.

They edged the San Diego Padres (90-72) by a whisker to capture the NL West title.

The Giants will now seek the coveted championship which has eluded them ever since they moved to San Francisco in 1958. Their last World Series championship came in 1954 as the New York Giants.

Here's a look at the Giants playoff history while in San Francisco:

  • 2010 - NL West champions, ?, ?, ?
  • 2003 - Lost LDS (3-1)
  • 2002 - Lost World Series (4-3)
  • 2000 - Lost LDS (3-1)
  • 1997 - Lost LDS (3-0)
  • 1989 - Lost World Series (4-0)
  • 1987 - Lost NLCS (4-3)
  • 1971 - Lost NLCS (3-1)
  • 1962 - Lost World Series (4-3)

Will this finally be the "San Fran" Giants year? We will soon find out.

As for the Padres--

The miracle fell one game short.

The Padres needed to beat the Giants in Game 162 to force any kind of one-game playoff OR at least needed the Atlanta Braves to lose to the Philadelphia Phillies in the event that they lost.

But neither happened, and as a result, the Giants and Braves are in. The Padres are out.

And it all goes back to their now-infamous TEN GAME LOSING STREAK. If "The Streak" had never occurred, the Padres would NOT have been in a position to be needing miracles.

Yes, it was "The Streak" that led to everything that happened this weekend.

So I'm sure the Padres will remember it for a LONG time.

No doubt!

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