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The Giants and the World Series

WORLD SERIES: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants

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In a couple of days, the San Francisco Giants (est. 1883) will be making their 18th overall appearance in the World Series and 4th while in San Francisco. Their first 14 appearances in the Fall Classic were as the New York Giants.

The one thing we can say about the Giants is that they have been around for a LONG LONG time.

Here's a quick look at their evolution:

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The New York Gothams (1883-1884)
The New York Giants (1885- 1957)
The San Francisco Giants (1958-present)

As a franchise the Giants are 5-12 in the Fall Classic and in trip No. 18 (against the Texas Rangers) they will be looking for their 6th title overall and first since moving to San Francisco in 1958. The Giants are 0-3 since moving to Frisco and were 5-9 as the New York Baseball Giants.

Here's a look at their World Series history:

San Fransisco Giants:

2010 - vs. Texas Rangers
2002 - Lost to the Anaheim Angels (4-3)
1989 - Lost to the Oakland A's (4-0)
1962 - Lost to the New York Yankees (4-3)

New York Giants (5 titles):

1905 - Beat the Philadelphia Athletics (4-1)
1921 - Beat the New York Yankees (5-3) {series was best of 9}
1922 - Beat the New York Yankees (4-0-1)
1933 - Beat the Washington Senators (4-1)
1954 - Beat the Cleveland Indians (4-0)

New York Giants (9 runners-up)

1911 - lost to the Philadelphia Athletics (4-2)
1912 - lost to the Boston Red Sox (4-3-1) {series was best of 9}
1913 - lost to the Philadelphia Athletics (4-1)
1917 - lost to the Chicago White Sox (4-2)
1923 - lost to the New York Yankees (4-2)
1924 - lost to the Washington Senators (4-3)
1936 - lost to the New York Yankees (4-2)
1937 - lost to the New York Yankees (4-1)
1951 - lost to the New York Yankees (4-2)

Against the Rangers, the Giants will try and end a 56 year championship drought (52 of them in San Francisco) which is the third longest in baseball. Only the Chicago Cubs (102 years) and the Cleveland Indians (62 years) have waited longer.

But regardless of who wins, a major drought will come to an end because the Texas Rangers (est. 1961) are playing in their first-ever World Series and have a 50 year title-less streak of their own.

As an objective historical fan, it's hard to chose between the two because so much history is at stake for both teams.

So all I can say is-- GOOD LUCK to both and may the best team win.

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