Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bobby Cox, Joe McCarthy and John McGraw

In Bobby Cox final year as manager, the Atlanta Braves are 90-70 and as of today, their magic number to clinch a playoff spot is at 2 with 2 to play.

There is no doubt Cox would love nothing more than to take the Braves to the playoffs one final time and walk away with a bang.

But regardless of what happens, Cox (with his 90 wins) is now tied with legendary manager Joe McCarthy for the most 90-win seasons ever with 15. In his illustrious career, Cox has had 14 90-win seasons with the Braves and 1 with the Toronto Blue Jays.

McCarthy had 11 90-win seasons with the New York Yankees, 2 with the Chicago Cubs and 2 with the Boston Red Sox.

Next on the list is the great John McGraw who had 14 90-win seasons with the New York Giants.

Of the managers currently active, Joe Torre is next on the list with 12 90-win seasons and Tony LaRussa has had 11 90-win seasons.

So there is no question that the retiring Cox has had a remarkable career and will no doubt be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Good luck in your next endeavor, Bobby.

Bobby Cox photos courtesy of Getty Images and Sports Illustrated
McCarthy and McGraw photos courtesy of Wikipedia

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