Sunday, October 3, 2010

All Tied After 161

After 161 games the New York Yankees are 95-66.

After 161 games the Tampa Bay Rays are 95-66.

Both teams are already in the playoffs. The only question remaining is-- who will go as the AL East champion and have home field throughout the AL playoffs?

The Rays are in a slightly better position because they control their own destiny. If they win game 162, they will win the East by virtue of having won the season series against the Yankees, 10-8.

The Yankees need to win game 162 against the Boston Red Sox and hope that the Rays lose their final game to the Kansas City Royals.

We also know that the arch rival Red Sox would love nothing more than to deprive the Yankees of the AL East crown and send them on the road for the playoffs. So I expect Boston to play this game as if it were a playoff game.

But if the Yankees and Rays both win, then the Rays win.

It's that simple.

But you gotta love the "David and Goliath" component. Good stuff!

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