Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Twins Draw First Blood!


The Twins are in!

For Minnesota this is their 6th division title in the last nine years (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010) under manager Ron Gardenhire. The clinching win was also the 800th of Gardenhire's illustrious career.

Now the Twins (91-60) look to advance deep in the playoffs, which is the one goal that has eluded them during this impressive playoff run. They reached the ALCS in 2002, but have lost in the first round in every playoff appearance since then.

But the one thing that has always held true in baseball is that if you keep winning games and you constantly make the playoffs, sooner or later, good things are going to happen.

So is this the Twins year?


But one thing is certain-- they'll be one of the eight teams that will have a shot at it.

And you have to be in it to win it!

As for the Chicago White Sox--

Ozzie's team gave it a good run, but a bad 6 week-run did them in. On August 1, the White Sox were 59-45 and in first place, but since then have gone a disappointing, 20-27. The Twins were 59-46 on August 1 and have since gone on a 32-14 run.

In the end, the one area which kept the White Sox in the race for most of the season was a major contributor to their demise-- THE BULLPEN. In today's baseball, the bullpen is probably a team's most important component.

On August 1, the Twins bullpen had a total of 47 HOLDS and the White Sox were right on their tail with 40 HOLDS. Today the Twins have 74 HOLDS, while the White Sox are lagging behind with 54 HOLDS. In other words, the Twins bullpen have "out held" the White Sox bullpen 27-14 since August 1.

That's a 13 HOLD advantage for the Twins, which resulted in a 12 game lead in the division and the division title.


I don't think so.

Photos courtesy of the AP

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