Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Big East Is Weak!

There is no question that of the Power-6 Conferences (SEC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac 10, ACC, Big East) the weakest, by far, is the Big East.

Even as early as the preseason rankings, the pollsters didn't think much of the Big East Conference. In both preseason polls the best showing for the Big East were the Pittsburgh Panthers at No. 15, the West Virginia Mountaineers at No. 25 and the Cincinnati Bearcats just a whisker out of the Top 25.

But five weeks into the season, both Pittsburgh (1-2) and Cincinnati (1-3) have fallen apart and have long ago been ousted from the Top 25's jurisdiction. West Virginia (3-1) got off to a 3-0 start and hung around in the Top 25. But their 20-14 loss, last week, at No. 15 LSU was enough to get them ousted out of the polls also.

So as of this week, no Big East team is in the Top 25, with West Virginia being the only team who has mustered any sort of points in the latest polls. Despite their loss, the Mountaineers did get a few points and are hovering in the high twenties. But having a team in the high twenties as your best showing is inexcusable for a power conference.

As for the rest of the Big East--

The Connecticut Huskies, who got some decent buzz in the preseason, are off to a disappointing 2-2 start.

As for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the South Florida Bulls-- yes, they are both a respectable 2-1, but I don't think that wins over Norfolk State, Florida International, Stony Brook and Western Kentucky are going to get the attention of the voters. And when both schools played a top-notch team, they both fell flat on their faces-- Rutgers lost to North Carolina and South Florida got crushed by No. 7 Florida.

And then there are the Syracuse Orange. Yes, Syracuse is 3-1 and on paper it looks great. But their 3 victories have come against Akron, Maine and Colgate. So that should tell us something. But when the Orange played the well-known Washington Huskies, who at 1-2 aren't exactly a powerhouse, the Orange got crushed, 41-20.

And last but not least, there are the Louisville Cardinals. Well, this is football not basketball and the Cardinals aren't usually in the football conversation. So let's just leave it at that.

So the conference as a whole just simply isn't any good. And the sad part about it is, they automatically get a BCS bowl berth.

And what does that mean?

It means a very good team is going to be left out of a major BCS bowl game because the crappy Big East champion gets automatically in.

And that sucks!

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