Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Roger? Why?

Should we feel sorry for Roger Clemens?

My answer is NO-- because, if there's one thing I've learned over the years, is that stubborn people always end up hanging themselves. And now we can add Roger "I never used HGH or Steroids" Clemens to the list.

Let's face it, when the Mitchell Report came out, which fingered Clemens in almost every page, why didn't Clemens just do a Mark McGwire and all of a sudden forget how to speak? Or a Sammy Sosa and suddenly forget how to speak English?

Instead Clemens went on a rampage to clear his name and save his legacy. He VOLUNTARILY went in front of Congress and testified, "I have never used steroids".

Why would he do that?

The key word in this whole mess is VOLUNTARILY. During the hearing most of the congressmen overseeing the hearing were scratching their heads while Clemens rambled on. And today, they are still scratching their heads.

First of all, Congress never subpoenaed Clemens. In fact, they held the hearing at his request.

Last night, I saw an interview with Congressman Elijah Cummings (who was part of the committee) and Cummings said that he told Clemens before the hearing, "JUST TELL THE TRUTH. If you do that you'll be fine."

Apparently, Clemens didn't listen to Cummings.

Now Clemens, who VOLUNTARILY stank it up in front of Congress, is in a whole bunch of trouble. He is charged with 6 counts of perjury for allegedly lying to Congress. According to the federal grand jury, he pretty much did everything he was advised not to do.

And my question still remains:

Why would anyone VOLUNTARILY open up this can of worms?

Why Roger? Why?

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  1. Not only is he stubborn but he has a large ego. Who would've thought his career would end like this?