Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What About Shaq?

So far this summer all the NBA chatter has mainly been focused on the "new evil empire", aka, the Miami Heat and their newly anointed "Three Kings". As we all know, all the gossip has been about "King" LeBron James' abandonment of the city of Cleveland and it's fans and how he quit on the city that gave him so much.

Hopefully by now the sobbing in Cleveland has stopped, BUT-- lost in the shuffle during all this "LeBron" drama was, the one and only, Shaquille "The Real Deal" O'Neal. Heck, most of us even forgot that Shaq played for Cleveland and all summer long nobody has cared to notice that Shaq is without a home and few teams have shown interest in him.

The only buzz Shaq got in the early summer was when a Laker fan flashed a sign saying, "back to back without Shaq" at the world champion LA Lakers victory parade. Is that any way to treat a once proud ruler?

The latest rumor has Shaq going to the Boston Celtics, which by the way, is a good fit, since center Kendrick Perkins will be out for a long period of time (at least until January) as he recovers from knee surgery. So having Shaq to help out Jermaine O'Neal is not a bad idea. Also Shaq has said he will only play for a contender and who better than the Celtics? I'm sure Shaq would love nothing more than to be part of the team that denies the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Many have handed Miami the Eastern Conference throne and a Shaq-led Celtics team would love nothing more than to deny them these entitlement privileges.

And did someone say Shaq and the Celtics vs. the Lakers in the NBA Finals? Now that has a nice drama component to it and definitely a must see.

To be continued....

Shaq cartoon courtesy of GregHalbert.com

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