Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say What?!

"The Cubs threw me into the fire. They made people believe I'm a monster."

Who in the world is the above man?

And how dare he (and I mean, HOW DARE HE) be wearing No. 21?

And for that matter, how DARE the Chicago Cubs allow him to wear No. 21?

That, my friends, is what is swirling in the mind of "Say It Ain't So" Sammy Sosa these days.

Apparently, Sosa is livid that the Cubs and Cub Nation have thrown him under the bus and have disrespected him.

In an interview with Chicago Magazine, Say It Ain't So, says, "That number should be untouchable because of the things I did for that organization. That right there shows me that they don't care about me and they don't want to have a good relationship with me."

But what Sosa should have said was--

"Yeah, I screwed up-- BIG TIME! I abruptly left after 2004 because I long stopped caring about the team and the fans. At the time, I thought the juicing thing was never going to be uncovered and explode the way it did and I honestly thought I had a few more 60-homer seasons in me.

So I basically said, screw you Chicago! I'll take my gig elsewhere and become a Hercules for some other fans. But little did I know that the "bleep was gonna hit the fan" and I would be forced to go back to being a crappy 15-homer, .220 hitter.

So to the Cubs and all the fans, I apologize for my reckless behavior."


For the record: Rookie outfielder Tyler Colvin is wearing Sosa's old No. 21. Apparently the Cubs have no intentions of taking it out of circulation and retiring it any time soon.


In defense of Say It Ain't So, if MLB is going to turn a blind eye and allow all (steroid era) records to stand, then how can a team not retire the number of a guy who hit 545 home runs (the team's all-time record)? I mean, by not doing anything, MLB is saying that those records are legit-- right?

And whether the Cubs like it or not, Sosa was "The Man" in Chicago for a good 10+ seasons.

So to paraphrase a quote by Vice-President, Joe Biden, "the Cubs don't have a right to rewrite history". And if Sosa's numbers are legit, then, 545 home runs is more than enough for any team to retire that player's number.

In the end, it seems to me like the Cubs are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this mess. But at least, for now, they can hide behind Sosa's recklessness, as a reason for not having a "Sammy Sosa Day" at Wrigley Field.

And Sosa's whining and ranting is certainly making things easier for them.

Tyler Colvin photo courtesy of Getty Images
Sammy Sosa photos courtesy of the AP and


  1. They still have to retire Andre Dawson and Mark Grace's jerseys before they even consider retiring Sammy's. That's the real travesty.

  2. Good point, Charley. They're honoring Dawson tonight at Wrigley Field but they're not retiring his number. I honestly don't understand why?