Monday, August 16, 2010

Pencil In The Yankees and Red Sox

As of today, I'm penciling in the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

No, not for the playoffs. This isn't a playoffs post.

I'm penciling them in on having a winning season. It's safe to say, both teams will end up with +.500 records. Pretty simple.

And when it comes to CONSECUTIVE WINNING SEASONS, 2010 will be a milestone year for BOTH of these juggernauts--

Because when it comes to consecutive winning seasons-- the current Yankees and Red Sox are in the elite of the elites. When they officially clinch their winning seasons, 2010 will be the Yankees 18th consecutive winning season and the 13th consecutive for the Red Sox.

To put it in perspective, here's where their current streaks stack up amongst the best team winning streaks of all-time--

Most Consecutive Winning Seasons (13 or more):

39 - New York Yankees (1926-1964)
18 - New York Yankees (1993-2010)[active]
18 - Baltimore Orioles (1968-1985)
17 - Chicago White Sox (1951-1967)
16 - Boston Red Sox (1967-1982)
15 - Pittsburgh Pirates (1899-1913)
15 - St. Louis Cardinals (1939-1953)
15 - Atlanta Braves (1991-2005)
14 - Chicago Cubs (1878-1891)
14 - Chicago Cubs (1926-1939)
14 - Milwaukee Braves (1953-1966*)
14 - San Francisco Giants (1958-1971)
13 - Boston Beaneaters (1887-1899)**
13 - Pittsburgh Pirates (1918-1930)
13 - Brooklyn Dodgers (1945-1957)
13 - Boston Red Sox (1998-2010) [active]

* The 1966 season was as Atlanta Braves
** The Boston Beaneaters are the Braves

So a BIG CONGRATS to the current Yankees and Red Sox! As we can see from the above list, very few teams have been able to put together 13+ consecutive winning seasons.

And then there are the current Pittsburgh Pirates and current Baltimore Orioles.

Yes folks, we can pencil them in too, BUT on the opposite list-- most consecutive LOSING SEASONS. It's safe to say, the Bucs and O's will, yet again, have losing seasons. Ouch!

Here's what the Bucs and O's are currently facing--

Most Consecutive Losing Seasons (13 or more):

18 - Pittsburgh Pirates (1993-2010) [active]
16 - Philadelphia Phillies (1933-1948)
15 - Kansas City A's (1953-1967)*
14 - Seattle Mariners (1977-1990)
14 - Philadelphia Phillies (1918-1931)
13 - Philadelphia A's (1934-1946)
13 - Baltimore Orioles (1998-2010) [active]

* 1953 & 1954 seasons were as Philadelphia A's

A quick note: The one thing that jumped out at me is the 2 losing streaks (16,14) by the Phillies. Had the 1932 Phillies (78-76, .506) not had a winning record, the franchise would've had an astronomical 31 consecutive losing seasons. Instead they managed to sandwich in a winning season, setting the stage for the current Pirates to be the record holders. Interesting!

So as the now-defunct rap group 3rd Bass probably would've said, "the current Pirates and Orioles-- get the gas face!"

And of course, no gas face for the Yankees and Red Sox-- they just keep winning and winning and winning and....

Photos courtesy of Getty Images
Logos courtesy of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles
Lists compiled by Brian Wood of the Society of American Baseball Research (

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