Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye To Mannywood

The Mannywood era is officially over.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and outfielder Manny Ramirez have officially parted ways and Manny is taking his show to Chicago to see if he can light a spark to the White Sox, who are slipping in the pennant race.

Ok, those are the facts.

I personally have no problems with the Manny era in LA because, after all, it was a success. With the help of Manny's bat the Dodgers made it to two consecutive NLCS (2008, 2009) only to succumb to the two-time defending NL champs, the Philadelphia Phillies.

So Manny's stint in LA was a good one as far as baseball goes.


My only "hmmmm moment" about the Manny-LA experiment revolves around his suspicious 50-game suspension last year for testing positive to a banned substance.

According to reports, Manny tested positive to a drug called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. Manny says it was his doctors' fault because they prescribed him the medication for a "personal health issue".

My question is: Has Manny ever revealed what that "personal health issue" was? Because according to those same reports, HCG is a female fertility drug which is sometimes used by former steroid users to restore testosterone production to normal levels.

And my second question is: Since we live in a country where we are innocent until proven guilty, does Manny get the benefit of the doubt, and we are to assume that the "personal health issue" was a female fertility problem he was experiencing? Because, let's face it, that's what the drug is for and he never admitted to steroid use.


I guess, since the Mannywood era is over, we will never know.

But in case it was a female fertility problem-- I hope Manny is over it and his ovulation cycle is back to normal.


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  1. Ha, ha! Good one. Manny got cold busted last year but he got away with it because everyone is tired of hearing excuses from all those cheaters.