Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And So He Retires (Again) (And Again) (And Again)

No doubt the sports buzz of the day is the rumor that Brett Favre has told the Minnesota Vikings he will not play this season and is "officially retiring".


Ok, Brett. I guess, we'll take your word for it, but I ain't even gonna comment this time. The last time I commented on a Brett Favre retirement, I ended up with egg all over my face, so basically, the only purpose of this post is to once again put up, the above iconic photo, from last season's NFC Championship Game.

I'll have to admit, I was rooting for you and the Vikings in that game. The beating you took (at your age) from those Saints defenders and still almost winning the game in hostile territory was an amazing thing to watch. So I was kinda hoping you'd come back and try it one more time.

But anyway--

Good luck in your next endeavor, Brett-- hopefully it'll be quarterbacking the Minnesota Vikings.

Brett Favre photo courtesy of Getty Images
Jared Allen cartoon courtesy of GregHalbert.com

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