Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Valley of the Kings

"So Let It Be Written...So Let It Be Done"

The new "Three Kings" are born. Will they lead the Miami Heat to the promised land?

....and so begins the dawn of a new era in the NBA. No doubt, and I mean, NO DOUBT, the newly crowned "Three Kings" are going to monopolize the headlines this coming season and with it the enormous pressure of delivering a championship. Anything less will be unacceptable.

I guess only time will tell....

And then there's the city of Cleveland--

It didn't really hit me until last night what "The Decision" truly meant to the city. It wasn't just LeBron's exodus-- it was the culmination of bad breaks after bad breaks that have plagued the city's sports teams for decades. In fact, not since the Browns won the 1964 NFL Championship has the city celebrated a championship. That's a pretty long time ago and LeBron and the Cavaliers were their best hope.

So I understand the city's frustration. I understand Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's frustration. Lebron (fairly or unfairly) has become the poster child of 4+ decades of bad luck. I guess we can say he is the "ghost of frustrations past".

In a way, "The Decision" is a reminder of "The Drive" in the 1987 AFC Championship Game, and a reminder of "The Fumble" in the 1988 AFC Championship Game, and a reminder of Jose Mesa's blown save in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. So I get where Cleveland fans are coming from. Its safe to say, its been rough out there over the decades.

But at the end of the day, its not all LeBron's fault. I mean, its not like the Cavs built a powerhouse around him. Its not like they followed the Lakers lead and got the players to compliment their superstar. The Lebron-led Cavs were a great regular season team but not a great playoff team. Even I saw that and I'm not an expert.

One thing I learned about LeBron from his prime time extravaganza-- the man is aching, with a capital A, for a title. So much so that he didn't care about his own legacy and he certainly didn't care about playing in his hometown. He wants a ring, period! And he doesn't care if he isn't "the man" on the team. He just wants to wear the gold, no matter how he gets it.

And that's the irony of this whole drama-- for the same reason the city of Cleveland so desperately wanted him to stay is the very reason why he left-- an UNBEARABLE thirst for a championship.
So let it be written....So let it be done!

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