Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ozzie's Team Is Back!

A month ago today, the Chicago White Sox were 24-33, 9.5 games out of first-place and heading nowhere fast. Since then, they've won 22 of 27 and are at the brink of taking over first place in the AL Central. A truly amazing turnaround.

So what is going on in ChiSox Nation?

The White Sox have been able to maintain their surge because of great starting pitching and a super dominant bullpen. To put it simply-- THEY DON'T BLOW SAVES. The Sox pen has only six (blown saves) all year for an outstanding 82% save percentage. That is second best in the major leagues behind the Tampa Bay Rays (87%, only 4 blown saves). The Detroit Tigers are third best (81%, only 5 blown saves).

The ChiSox however suffered a major setback when ace Jake Peavy tore a muscle and may be out for the rest of the season.

And what does manager Ozzie Guillen say about Peavy's injury--

“We are not going to make any excuse regardless of what happens from now to the end. If we finish last, it’s not because of Peavy. If we finish first, it’s not because of Peavy. I think we still have a good ball club.”

Hey Ozzie! I hear that Cliff "Gun For Hire" Lee is on the trading block. He may fit in nicely as Peavy's replacement. You guys are in this race-- so GO FOR IT!

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