Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NL, A-Rod Win!

2010 All-Star Game
National League 3 - American League 1

Dear Joe Girardi,

As a National League fan, I want to thank you for not using the man, who is one of the biggest bottom of the ninth threats in major league history.

When David Ortiz hit a clutch single, bringing the tying run to the plate, I was almost certain that you were going to pinch-hit for Boston Red Sox THIRD BASEMAN, Adrian Beltre. You had New York Yankees THIRD BASEMAN, Alex "Lethal Weapon" Rodriguez, still on the bench, and yet, you chose not to use him. Thank you.

After the game, you said, "I wanted to give Beltre his at-bat." Now why would you do that? Doesn't the All-Star game have significance now? I'm sure Beltre is a big boy and would've understood the situation.

And I'm sure if you took a poll and asked, who would be best in that situation, A-Rod or Beltre, everyone, outside the state of Massachusetts, would say A-Rod.

And to add insult to injury, the slow-running Ortiz got thrown out at second on a bloop hit by John Buck, after Beltre struck out. Many are criticizing you for not pinch-running for Ortiz, but I'm more puzzled as to why A-Rod was not given a chance to pop one out of the ball park.

When asked if A-Rod was healthy, you said, "Oh yeah, he's fine."

Even NL manager Charlie Manuel was asked about it-- "I definitely was looking for him. He's one of the better hitters in the game, if not the best. That was going through my mind", Manuel said.

And what was your lame excuse, ”If the situation arose, you get extra innings, he would probably be my DH."

Hey Joe, you need to tie the game first before you think about extra innings. With Ortiz on first and the AL trailing 3-1, bottom of the ninth, you held back a man who has 597 career home runs and counting-- a man who during last year's ALCS hit a clutch home run in the BOTTOM OF THE NINTH off of the Angels Brian Fuentes to tie Game 2, which the Yankees would then go on to win in storybook fashion.

Oh, I forgot, you were there-- so you know what I'm talking about.

Everyone watching the game was wondering when was A-Rod going to enter. Even announcer Joe Buck said,"he's saving him for a clutch moment." When Ortiz got the base hit the stage was perfectly set for A-Rod's entrance. That was the clutch moment.

So what in the world were you thinking, Joe? For the sake of curiosity, please let us know.

Yours truly,
National League fan

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