Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Matt Garza Throws a No-Hitter

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the books.

Last night, Matt Garza threw the first no-hitter in Rays history, erasing the Rays from the list of teams who have never pitched a no-hitter. Earlier this year, Ubaldo Jimenez pitched the first no-hitter in Colorado Rockies history, so the list has now dwindled back to the usual two-- the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres.

The Mets (est. 1962) and Padres (est. 1969) have been on the waiting list for a LONG time and I guess we can say, if no-hitters were kidneys, these two franchises would be on life support. But I think we should also throw the Washington Nationals on the list since I've noticed they have distanced themselves from the original franchise, the Montreal Expos. And for the record, the Expos had 4 no-hitters in their history, including a perfect game by "El Presidente" Dennis Martinez.

But like it or not, the Nationals were once the Expos, so as it stands, only the Mets and Padres remain on the clock.

Here's a list of the first-ever no-hitters, for each expansion franchise, since the era of expansion began in 1961:

  • Los Angeles Angels: Bo Belinsky, May 5, 1962 [against the Baltimore Orioles].
  • Houston Colt .45s (now the Astros): Don Nottebart, May 17, 1963 [against the Philadelphia Phillies].
  • Montreal Expos (now the Nationals): Bill Stoneman, April 17, 1969 [against the Philadelphia Phillies].
  • Kansas City Royals: Steve Busby, April 27, 1973 [against the Detroit Tigers].
  • Texas Rangers: Jim Bibby, July 30, 1973 [against the Oakland A's].
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Juan Nieves, April 15, 1987 [against the Baltimore Orioles].
  • Seattle Mariners: Randy Johnson, June 2, 1990 [against the Detroit Tigers].
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Dave Stieb, September 2, 1990 [against the Cleveland Indians].
  • Florida Marlins: Al Leiter, May 11, 1996 [against the Colorado Rockies].
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Randy Johnson, May 18, 2004 [against the Atlanta Braves].
  • Colorado Rockies: Ubaldo Jimenez, April 17, 2010 [against the Atlanta Braves].
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Matt Garza, July 26, 2010 [against the Detroit Tigers].

So there we have it-- most of the teams have since pitched multiple no-hitters, with the exception of the Brewers (Juan Nieves), the Blue Jays (Dave Stieb) and the two who came off the list this season (the Rockies and Rays). Earlier this season, Edwin Jackson pitched Arizona's second-ever no-hitter, putting them on the multiple list.

But nonetheless, every team now has at least one, EXCEPT--

The New York Mets and the San Diego Padres....

Photos courtesy of SI.com

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