Friday, July 9, 2010

Gun For Hire!

Kudos to the Texas Rangers--

They are the official winners of the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. What it shows is that the Rangers, who are facing bankruptcy, are serious about winning. I think they know this is their best chance in a long time and they are going for it. I mean there's no denying the Rangers have a squad and adding Lee just made them the team to beat.

And I'm sure Rangers honcho Nolan Ryan covets Lee. Lee, who leads the American League in complete games with 5, is an innings eater and Ryan loves that old-school style of pitching. Ryan (5,386.0 innings for his career, 5th all-time) was an innings machine himself back in his days and has publicly said that there is no reason why pitchers today can't do the same thing. So there is no question Lee and Ryan make a good couple.

As for the Mariners, they looked good on paper before the season but things didn't quite turn out like they expected. And actually, they are a pretty good team but they suffer from what I like to call Milwaukee Brewers-itis. In other words, there bullpen STINKS. If the Mariners had a bullpen like, let's say, the Chicago White Sox, they would be about 4 to 6 games over .500 right now and still be in the race. But unfortunately in this business, no pen means no pennant.

And it's a shame because the Mariners' starting pitching is actually one of the best in the American League. They have 4 starters in the top 10 in ERA, but once they get to the late innings-- it all falls apart.

But anyway, the spotlight is officially on the Rangers. This Cliff Lee move was brilliant, regardless of their money issues. I'm sure winning the pennant will alleviate some of those problems-- and it would at last take the Rangers off of that dreaded list.

And what list is that?

I'm sure Rangers fans know what list I'm talking about.

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