Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again For The Phillies?

Roy Halladay meet Roy Oswalt

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros for J.A. Happ and a couple of prospects. That is correct-- a couple of prospects.

Ok, I know that's what the headlines are saying, but is there something more to it?

I wonder if the acquisition of Oswalt has anything to do with them lamenting the foolish trade of then-ace Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners for a bunch of prospects after the acquisition of now-ace Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays for a bunch of prospects?

I know it sounds confusing, but that's how things roll in Philly. As another Philly great might say, "we talkin' about prospects".

In a nutshell, they traded Lee because they wanted to replenish their depleted farm system, after giving up so many prospects for Halladay. A move that the entire world knew was a bonehead move at the time and now even the Phillies themselves recognized it.

I think, Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan put it best when he wrote, "the Philadelphia Phillies are like starlets obsessed with plastic surgery. They tweak here, tinker there and hope to hell they don’t turn out like Heidi Montag."

A funny but true way of putting it by Mr. Passan, but I guess, when you're the two-time defending National League champions and the 2008 world champions and a money-making machine, you can do whatever you want (bonehead or not) and everyone else just has to sit back and take notes.

Until further notice, in the NL-- its still Philly's world.

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