Friday, July 9, 2010

Bring' Em On!

It will forever be known as The Decision.

LeBron James is joining forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, forming a new Big 3 or as I like to call it-- the Bosh-D' Wade-LeBron Axis.

No doubt the Heat will be a force to be reckoned with, BUT the old Big 3 is still lurking in the bushes-- and they ain't happy! I mean, they just finished losing an excruciating seven-game final to their arch nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers, by 4 measly points. Those wounds alone will make them unstoppable next season. So I wouldn't hand the Eastern Conference to Miami just yet.

Anyway, as we can imagine the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans are furious about "the decision". Fans in Cleveland are already burning their LeBron jerseys and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did not hold back his rage either.

Said Gilbert: "You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal." Ouch!

And he went on to say, "I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former 'king' wins one." Double Ouch!!

I definitely understand Gilbert's frustration. I mean, the net worth of his franchise just went down about $100 million-- easy.

But anyway, while all this drama was unfolding, the Boston Celtics announced that Ray Allen had agreed to a two-year $20 million contract. In other words, keeping the original Big 3 together for another two seasons. Paul Pierce also agreed to an extension and Kevin Garnett is under contract for two more years. So lookout new Big 3-- the old Big 3 is still in this party.

And personally, I like the old Big 3 better--

My 2011 Eastern Conference final prediction: Boston Celtics 4 - Miami Heat 3

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