Monday, July 12, 2010

At The Half....

Ok, so what if the 2010 season had just ended rather than being at the midway point?

The division champs would be--

American League:
  1. New York Yankees (56-32) [East champs]
  2. Chicago White Sox (49-38) [Central champs]
  3. Texas Rangers (50-38) [West champs]
  4. Tampa Bay Rays (54-34) [Wild-Card champs]

National League:

  1. Atlanta Braves (52-36) [East champs]
  2. Cincinnati Reds (49-41) [Central champs]
  3. San Diego Padres (51-37) [West champs]
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers (49-39) & Colorado Rockies (49-39) [tied for Wild-Card]

The way I envision this scenario playing out would be as follows:

  • Rockies over Dodgers in the Wild-Card tie-breaker. To put it plain and simple-- too much Ubaldo Jimenez.


  • White Sox over Yankees: Ozzie's team continue their unprecedented surge and stun the defending world champions.
  • Rays over Rangers: Too much great starting pitching + too much great bullpen = Rangers get swept.


  • Rockies over Braves: Bobby Cox last game will be a devastating 1-0 loss in Game 5 to Jimenez and the Rockies at Turner Field. Afterwards Chipper Jones hints he too may not be coming back.
  • Padres over Reds: The Padres just simply out-pitch the Reds. Cincinnati's first post-season since 1995 is a quick one.


  • Rays over White Sox: The White Sox great run comes to an end at the hands of a better pitching staff. David Price is named series MVP. After the loss, Ozzie Guillen says that winning the BP Crosstown Cup brought his team bad karma against a team from Florida. Only Ozzie!


  • Padres over Rockies: The Padres bullpen is just too much for the Rockies. Luke Gregerson and Mike Adams are the series co-MVPs. The setup men finally get their overdue recognition.

World Series:

  • Rays over Padres: The Rays win a thriller in 7 games. Rafael Soriano saves all 4 of the Rays' wins and is named series MVP. In the end, the Padres bullpen was great, but unfortunately for them, the Rays' pen was perfect. Tampa Bay becomes the first city to have 3 expansion teams from 3 different sports win a championship. Good for them!

Anyway-- just a thought.

Photo courtesy of the AP

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