Tuesday, July 20, 2010

598 and Counting For A-Rod

As of today, Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez is 2 home runs short of the "super-magical" 600-HR mark. And yes, I know that ever since the steroids invasion, all of these home run milestones have lost some of their once-iconic luster, but nonetheless, they are still milestones and A-Rod will soon hit No. 600 and then some.

But I still remember "dem dayz" when 600 home runs meant something-- the days when The Babe, Hammerin' Hank and The Say Hey Kid were the only members of this rarest of clubs. Nowadays those who enter the 600-club could quite possibly become a "person of interest" in a doping investigation.

But anyway--

A-Rod is going to become a member soon, joining, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sammy Sosa in this once-sacred club.

Then after that, A-Rod will join, Bonds, Aaron and Ruth in the super-exclusive 700-HR club-- which was once sacred also.

And then after that-- Whoa!

Now we're talking about Sadaharu Oh territory. Sadaharu Oh?

Yes, Sadaharu Oh. Oh is the Japanese baseball legend who holds the professional baseball record for home runs. From 1959 to 1980, Oh hit an astounding 868 home runs for the Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese Central League. And yes, Oh too, is within A-Rod's reach.

And quite frankly, I think A-Rod can do it. This is how A-Rod (who is signed thru 2017) would, more or less, have to hit home runs, in the coming years, in order to break Oh's record:

He has 598 HRs as of 7-20-10
  • +18 (for the remainder of 2010) would give him 616
  • +40 in 2011 would give him 656
  • +38 in 2012 would give him 694
  • +35 in 2013 would give him 729
  • +36 in 2014 would give him 765 [breaking Bonds' MLB record]
  • +38 in 2015 would give him 803 [becoming the first player in MLB history to surpass the 800 HR mark]
  • +37 in 2016 would give him 840
  • +29 in 2017 would give him 869 [breaking Oh's professional record]

So there we have it-- A-Rod would need to average around 36 home runs a season for the remainder of his career to become the world's home run king.

And that my friends-- is pretty impressive-- no matter what!

A-Rod photo courtesy of Getty Images

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