Friday, June 11, 2010

Kudos To The Cubs Fans!

Today, the BP Crosstown Cup, which goes to the winner of the Chicago Cubs/Chicago White Sox annual series, got a rude welcome. The Cup was introduced before the game and received the loudest of BOOS from Cubs fans at Wrigley Field. TWO THUMBS UP!

I'm sure the fans want the Cubs to win the series but as far as they're concerned, major league baseball can keep the prize-- and I don't blame them.

The BP oil spill down in the Gulf has turned into a nightmare for the folks down there and from today's reaction, it seems, Cubs fans want no part of BP. And BP deserves no sympathy because they have been utterly irresponsible in their handling of the disaster.

But the Cubs and White Sox don't get a pass here, either--

This is what happens when greed runs amuck. Sooner or later it will come back and bite you in the you know what. I mean, is it really necessary to name a meaningless trophy after a big corporate sponsor just for the sake of pocketing a few extra bucks? Are the Cubs and White Sox that much in the red?

I refuse to believe that these two organizations would go broke if they didn't make any loot off of a trophy given in good gesture. They are just plain greedy! And today, their greed blew up in their faces.

Well done, Cubs fans!

Photo courtesy of the AP

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  1. I think BP should try to cap the oil leak using the cup! Kind of ironic, the Cubs and White Sox seasons are sinking as much as BP is in this crisis.