Monday, May 3, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays 1 - Kansas City Royals 0

....and Greinke pitches a complete game! Can the pathetic Royals PLEASE score 2 damn runs for this kid!

Can Zack Greinke get a break?!

Greinke has pitch phenomenal so far this season, BUT is 0-3. It is sad to see the kind of support the anemic Royals give to arguably the best pitcher in the major leagues.

Are the Tampa Bay Rays good? YES! Super good! Can the Rays pitch? YES! Superbly!


Come on! All the kid needed was 2 measly runs. That's all!

Greinke has a 2.27 ERA, has allowed only 10 earned runs total in 7 starts, has 33 K and only 7 BB. He has handed the ball to the pathetic Royals bullpen with a lead on 3 occasions, only to see them screw things up and throw his wins down the drain.

In his last outing against the Seattle Mariners, he pitched 7 scoreless innings-- that's 0 runs allowed thru seven innings-- and somehow the Royals found a way to lose the game, 3-2. All that action happened in the 8th and 9th innings. The offense mustered 2 runs (after he left the game with a no-decision) and the WEAK bullpen figured out a way to give back 3 runs.


Every single person associated with the Royals (10-15) and even the mayor of Kansas City should issue the defending AL Cy Young Award winner a WRITTEN APOLOGY!

Even last seasons Cy Young campaign-- Greinke had to do it on his own by having to pitch perfect baseball for most of the season. It isn't like the Royals gave him much help. The poor kid has no elbow room to pitch-- it's either pitch perfect baseball or you lose. And with these pitiful Royals, even perfection (like yesterday's 1-0 complete game loss) is not enough.

Anyway, this kid's plight is the saddest story I've seen in baseball in a long time.

In their apology it should say, "Kid, you are GREAT! We stink!"

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