Friday, May 28, 2010

Kudos to the New York Mets!

Mets 8 - Phillies 0
Mets 5 - Phillies 0
Mets 3 - Phillies 0

The New York Mets (25-23, 3rd in the NL East) just finished a 3-game sweep of the Philadelphia Phillies in stunning fashion. The Mets shutout the Phillies in 3 consecutive games and as we all know, that is no easy task. The two-time defending National League champions are a run-scoring machine, no doubt about it. So to shut them out 3 consecutive games, requires a whole lot of dominant pitching.

Mike Pelfrey (7-1, 2.54 ERA) is quietly having a Cy Young-caliber season. He's letting the Roy Halladays and Ubaldo Jimenezes of the world get all the press, but in the end he may just steal the prize. Pelfrey blanked the Phillies for 7 innings last night in Game 3. In Games 1 and 2, the Mets got strong starting pitching from places they didn't even know they had any-- R.A. Dickey, 6 shutout innings; Hisanori Takahashi, 6 shutout innings; the bullpen, 6 shutout innings.

If anything, the 3-game shutout sweep of the first-place Phils, coupled with the 2 of 3 series win against the Yankees in their annual subway-series, has at least, quieted the "fire Jerry Manuel" chants.

And on the Jerry Manuel front--

I say keep Jerry!

I think with all the injuries he's had to deal with the last couple of seasons, he's done a great job. Its not like he inherited a championship-caliber team to begin with and he's been able to at least play near-.500 baseball (150-153) since he took over for the fired Willie Randolph in June 2008.

So why fire him?

Its not like a new manager is going to make the Mets any less injury-prone.

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