Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep An Eye On This Man!

His name is Robinson Jose Cano. He dwells from the town of San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. His father, Jose Cano, named him after the legendary Jackie Robinson. And yes, he plays second base for the New York Yankees.

And dare I say it-- he may just be the best player in the American League.

Ok, I said it!

A look at Robbie--
  • .376 AVG - 1st in the AL
  • 23 R - Tied for 2nd
  • 38 H - 3rd
  • 9 HR - 2nd
  • 21 RBI - 5th
  • .420 OBP - 7th
  • AL Player of the Month in April
  • In 2009, Cano (204 hits) and Derek Jeter (212 hits) became the first middle infield duo in MLB history to both have 200 hits in the same season.

Cano has the swing and the potential for greatness. But he's surrounded by Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, 27 World Championships and some of the greatest immortals the game has ever seen. So it's kinda easy to get lost in the shuffle in the Yankees universe.

But I've been watching this kid for 6 years now and he definitely has the skills to someday be an immortal himself.

And somehow I get the feeling, he doesn't even know it.

In 2005 (Cano's rookie year), then-manager Joe Torre got hammered by the media for comparing Cano to the great Rod Carew. Under pressure, Torre had to clarify himself by saying that he only meant his build and his swing reminded him of Carew and that he didn't expect Cano to be as great a player as Carew.

Hey Joe, we know how the media works in this town and how every comment is scrutinized to the bone. We understand you had to diffuse the whole thing. After all, Carew is baseball royalty.

But don't fall asleep on your comment, Joe. You may just get the last laugh.

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Stats courtesy of Wikipedia

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