Monday, May 17, 2010

Holy Cow!

It is midnight here in New York and I am up watching the Yankees encore on the YES Network. I was out all afternoon today and missed the game, but I already know the Yanks lost to the Minnesota Twins, 6-3.

So why should I stay up late watching a game which I already know the outcome? The answer is simple-- Mariano Rivera blew a save.

A blown save by Rivera doesn't happen very often and when it does-- it is must see t.v.

Rivera is probably the only player in the history of sports who's failures are bigger news than his accomplishments. The man is simply the best ever at what he does. Period!

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said, "You probably should have recorded that. Take pictures. It's probably not something you will see often."

Yankee first basemen Mark Teixeira said, "You assume he's going to close every single game. If you ask people in New York, they probably think his save percentage is a thousand because that's how good he is."

Pretty close, Mark. Since you been with the Yankees, he has a .944 percentage, 51 out of 54. And since 2002, he has an eye-popping 92% success rate, 318-347.

Achieving human perfection may be virtually impossible, but Mo' Rivera comes pretty close.

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