Monday, March 29, 2010

The Final Four: It's On!


61 down, 4 to go!

The Butler Bulldogs, the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Duke Blue Devils and the Michigan State Spartans, are the last survivors of a long journey across what has seemed to be an endless ocean.

Now they head to Indianapolis, where 3 games will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium or as some call it, Peyton Manning country. In the end, only 1 will survive. Who will it be?

For Butler and West Virginia this is all to surreal-- a first for Butler and a second for West Virginia, their first since the Eisenhower administration (1959). As for Duke and Michigan State, they are experienced at this-- 23 combined trips, 15 for Duke and 8 for Michigan State.


That's why we play the games.

So folks-- hide the kids 'cause the war is on-- 4 warriors will do battle for 1 ultimate goal. Can't hardly wait.

Let's roll!

Logos courtesy of their respective universities. They are trademarks and are being used for entertainment purposes only.

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