Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Thoughts and Prayers Are With the People of Haiti

"These are good people. They've gotten a raw deal time and time again, and they keep coming back. They need your help now. These people deserve a chance to bury their dead, to heal their wounded, to eat, to sleep, to begin to recover." -former President Bill Clinton

"We're seeing severe traumas -head wounds, crushed limbs- that cannot be dealt with. Everywhere we go [there is] a massive demand from people to help them with trapped family members, with people who are suffering from major, major injuries." -Paul McPhun, operations manager for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

While the earth's wrath was swallowing up the city of Port-au-Prince this ultimate symbol of sacrifice managed to go unscathed. Amazing!

The agony of an entire nation is etched on one distraught father's face as the nightmare of Haiti's disaster unfolds. -NY Daily News

The presidential palace before and after the earthquake. Even the mighty and the wealthy were not immune from the nightmare that struck Haiti.

These are the moments that leave me wondering and asking myself-- why? I understand the scientific explanation as to why earthquakes happen-- the theory of plate tectonics and the need for the earth to release the energy which builds up from the constant grinding of these plates. And I know this earthquake which rocked Haiti would have been much worse if the Caribbean plate (which Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica lie on) had accumulated more energy and released it at a future date. I get all that. But when I see images of dead bodies piled up on street curbs and an image of a devastated father carrying his dead innocent child, I just feel there could be and should be a better way.

I guess I'll never know.

To help please visit any of the following:

The American Red Cross

Photos courtesy of Reuters/AP/Getty

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