Friday, January 22, 2010

Jets vs. Colts III

AFC Championship Game
New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the Jets and the Colts will mark the third time these two teams have met in the playoffs. So far the Jets hold a 2-0 advantage.

A look back--

January 12, 1969--

Super Bowl III

NY Jets 16 - Baltimore Colts 7

" We're gonna win the game. I guarantee it." -Jets QB, Joe Namath

Super Bowl III is considered one of the biggest upsets in sports history and one of the most important games in NFL history. Back then it was the talentless, up and coming AFL vs. the mighty, well-established and talent-rich NFL. In other words, nobody gave David (the Jets) any chance to beat Goliath (the Colts). But the Jets pulled off what many consider the upset of the century, 16-7, and perhaps more importantly put the AFL on the map, justifying the merger agreement the AFL and NFL had signed 3 years earlier.

January 4, 2003--

AFC Wild Card
NY Jets 41 - Indianapolis Colts 0

The 2002 Jets, lead by head coach Herman "you play to win the game" Edwards, QB Chad Pennington and Wayne Chrebet (remember him?) pummeled coach Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the Colts in the Wild Card round, 41-0, only to go on and lose to the eventual AFC champions Oakland Raiders, 30-10.

But hey, since I mentioned good ole Herm, I think its worth hearing his classic "you play to win the game" rant one more time:

This clip of ole Herm never gets old.


January 24, 2010 (??????)

The saga continues:

Who will win Round 3? Hmmmm? Let's see-- if the Minnesota Vikings win-- it'll be nice to see Brett Favre vs. the Jets. But then again, the Vikings (0-4 in Super Bowls) have scores to settle with just about everybody. To be continued....

A quick note: In case anyone is wondering-- why the Jets and Colts played each other in Super Bowl III, when they play in the same conference? Like I said earlier, back then it was the AFL vs. the NFL. The Jets were an AFL team and the Colts were an NFL team. When the two leagues merged, the NFL's Colts, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers agreed to join the 10 AFL teams and form the AFC, thus making the Jets and Colts part of the same conference. Ironically, the Colts would go on to win Super Bowl V, which was the very first Super Bowl after the AFL-NFL merger, pitting an AFC champion vs. an NFC champion.

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