Friday, January 29, 2010

Farewell To Kurt Warner

Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner retires--

Farewell to one of the great ambassadors of the NFL. I think by now we all know Warner's story, but just in case, here's a quick recap--
  • 2-time NFL MVP (1999, 2001)
  • 65.5% career completion percentage (second best all-time)
  • 32,344 career passing yards
  • 208 career touchdowns
  • 2nd player ever with 100 TDs with two different teams (Fran Tarkenton)
  • Fastest QB ever to 10,000 yards; tied with Dan Marino as fastest QBs to 30,000 yards
  • 3 Super Bowls (2 with the St. Louis Rams; 1 with the Cardinals)
  • 1999 Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP
  • Has the top 3 passing performances in Super Bowl history (414 yards, 377 yards, 365 yards)

The list goes on and on. Good luck in your next endeavor, Kurt.

Next stop-- the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Photo courtesy of the AP
Stats courtesy of Yahoo! Sports


  1. I want to see him in the Hall of Fame! A role model on and off the field. Watching his early Rams teams were a thing of beauty. I was hoping he would come back for one more season, but when you got 7 kids I'm sure you want to be there while they're still young.

  2. Excellent comment, Charley. Couldn't have said it better myself.