Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Woods Wins The AP Athlete of the Decade!

Smile Tiger!

The Associated Press just voted you the Athlete of the Decade.

I just have 3 words to say, "I totally agree!"

Putting all of Tiger's recent drama aside-- he was, without a doubt, the most dominant athlete of the past 10 years. Woods won 64 total tournaments (56 PGA Tour titles)--12 of which were Major Championships. He held the No. 1 ranking for all but 32 weeks during the entire decade. The only other golfer to even get a whiff of the No. 1 ranking (this decade) was Vijay Singh, who held it for the other 32 weeks.

And to put his 56 PGA Tour wins (this decade) in perspective-- Only 4 players in the history of the game have won more than 56 titles in their entire careers (Sam Snead, 82; Jack Nicklaus, 73; Ben Hogan, 64; Arnold Palmer, 62)-- let alone in one decade.

What can I say? The man is good at what he does.

And as for all this side stuff with his "transgressions" or infidelity or whatever people want to call it-- all Tiger has to do is man up-- give an interview on 60 Minutes or on Oprah-- apologize to his family, his fans, his business partners, his dog-- to whoever-- maybe shed a tear or two-- and soon he'll be forgiven and all will be forgotten.

I mean-- whatta we gonna do? What have we learned during this whole media circus? That the guy likes hot babes? Ok. AND? He's certainly not the first and he most definitely won't be the last. I mean, if I had the kinda dough he has, the kinda fame, the kinda power-- well....

Anyway, I say--

Congratulations Tiger! You deserve the honor.

Now all you need to do is (after the holidays) give an interview and mention the usual talking points and cliches which famous people say when they get "caught out there". Heck, us little people use them when we're in hot water. They work!

And before you know it, all this drama will be over. Then you can get back to doing what you do better than anyone else on this planet-- playing golf.

Oooops! I guess I had more than 3 words to say. : -)

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Stats courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. The vote was probably conducted before his recent drama, but even so, he is the athlete of the decade, not human being or role model of the decade, but was the most dominant athlete.

    I think Roger Feder and Jimmy Johnson would also be in the discussion for athelete of the decade. As far as team sports, Kobe and A-Rod would probably be the top two.

  2. Great point, Charley.

    I had Federer second and Kobe third. A-Rod and Jimmy Johnson definitely deserve to be in the discussion along with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but I think most sports-minded people agree, Tiger is the right choice.

    I'm just having a little fun with all this drama surrounding him. As if he's the only one playing the field? I don't think so. I think we all know what all these narcissistic superstar athletes do. I mean, A-Rod's wife didn't divorce him simply because of irreconsiable differences. He's a major player on and off the field. LOL.

    The only one who knows how to play the game is Jeter. Why do you think he hasn't married yet. I'm sure he has a ton of woman and by remaining single, noone can accuse him of infidelity. :-)

  3. I read a quote from Mark Grace in an old publication the other day that said baseball ruined his first marriage and he wouldn't get married again until he retired from baseball. You can't love a woman, when the sport is your main passion and interest. I think that is similar with Jeter, he will have fun, but can't commit when he knows he may not be a good husband. And that shows you how smart and real he is.