Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brett Favre Deserves His Props!

I have to admit, when the story broke about Brett Favre joining the Minnesota Vikings, I was one of those who said, "Say it ain't so, Brett." Like many at the time, I didn't think it was the right decision and I believed Favre was doing it for selfish reasons. His mission-- to get back at the Green Bay Packers.

Although, I still suspect it played a role in his decision--

But whether it did or it didn't-- the bottom line is the Vikings are 11-2 and on top of their division by 2 games with 3 to play. They've already clinched a playoff spot, most likely will win the NFC North and most likely will get a first-round bye in the playoffs.

If beating the Packers was part of his mission-- well, he can safely say, "mission accomplished!" Favre and the Vikings have defeated the Packers twice.

But, putting the Packers aside--

What's impressive about Favre is that at age 40 he's still putting up excellent numbers. In fact, he's in the top 10 in every major passing category:

QB rating : 106.0 - 2nd.
Comp: 295 - 5th.
Attempts: 433 - 8th.
Pct: 68.1 - 4th.
Yards: 3341 - 9th.
Yds/Game: 257.0 - 10th.
TDs: 27 - 3rd.

And he's only thrown 6 interceptions all season. By comparison, Drew Brees who leads the league with 32 TDs has thrown 10 Ints and Peyton Manning, 2nd with 29 TDs has thrown 14 Ints.

But Favre can't catch a break. In last Sundays 30-10 win against the Cincinnati Bengals (9-4), Favre had a sub par performance, 17-30, 192 Yds, 56.7 Pct, 6.4 Y/A, 2 Sacks, 1 TD, 1 Int, 73.2 Rating-- and the media was already hounding him about December fatigue. He dismissed all the fatigue bs and reminded the press that the Vikings just finished beating a pretty good football team.

In fact, he's right. The Bengals are tied for 2nd in the league (with the Indianapolis Colts) in total defense (16.7 Pts/G).


When Favre finally decides he wants to retire (yes, its gotta happen eventually)-- rather than speaking at the press conference, he should just play the song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and ride off into the sunset.

The guy has earned my respect and then some.

Photo courtesy of the AP

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  1. I was never one of those people that got annoyed with his multiple retirements. If the guy can still sling it better than 20 year-olds than he should get to do it as long as he wants. Only athletes get critized for changing their minds and coming back once they sit at home and realize they're bored.

    I don't blame the Packers for choosing Rodgers though. They had to make a decision and of course you go with the younger arm. I'm a big AP fan so I'm happy he's paired with Farve.