Friday, December 11, 2009

2000s: The Play of the Decade

Well folks, its that time of the year when we start reading about the "this" or the "that" of the year-- and since we're in the final days of the 2000s-- we're also getting flooded with the "this and that" of the decade.

Well today, while reading an article ("An Angel In His Pocket") in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, about the special relationship between current Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young and former QB, the late-Steve McNair-- it brought back memories of what I still consider the most amazing sports moment of this decade.

It was the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV (Jan. 30, 2000) between the Titans and the St. Louis Rams. Ironically it happened only one month into the decade, but to this day, no other play (from any sport) stands out more in my mind.

The play--

Titan's wide receiver Kevin Dyson valiantly tries to extend his arm towards the goal line as he is being tackled on the final play of the game. He managed to make it to the 1-yard line as the clock expired. Had Dyson scored, Tennessee would have brought the score to 23-22, needing just the extra point to send the game into overtime. But it was not to be as Mike Jones tackled Dyson just before he reached the goal line. Rams win, 23-16.

The drive began all the way back at the Tennessee 12-yard line and the late-McNair brought the Titans all the way to the St. Louis 10. With six seconds to go McNair (from the shotgun) took the snap and quickly threw to his right to Dyson.... and the rest is history.

What a game!

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  1. That is a good one. I would put the catch by that Giant's receiver leading the way in beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago and Vince Young's run to win the National Championship in 2004 up there to.