Monday, November 16, 2009

The Grizzlies Give AI The Boot!

Its official! The Grizzlies have canned Allen Iverson.

Although in their announcement, the Grizzlies called it a "mutual agreement" to go their separate ways.

General Manager Chris Wallace issued a statement, which read, "Because of personal matters that forced him to leave the team on November 7, Allen will step away from the game at this time, allowing him to focus on those matters. As a result, we will be ending our contractual agreement with Allen, which will allow both parties to move forward. We wish Allen the best."

Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.

The Grizzlies' statement should have looked more like this:

"Listen NBA fans, we the Memphis Grizzlies had to give Allen Iverson the boot. First of all, he missed all of preseason and the start of the regular season with a quote, unquote, hamstring injury and when he returned on Nov. 2 at Sacramento, he got all gangsta on us because he was coming off the bench. He played a total of 3 games for us before taking his now infamous leave of absence. Oh yeah, and all 3 games were on the road in California. In other words, our fans never got to see AI play a home game. To bad for all those fans who bought AI's No. 3 jersey and never got to see him play one minute. But that's part of being a fan of our team. Remember, we're the Memphis Grizzlies. The same Grizzlies who traded Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown. Now we can add the AI fiasco to our 'storied' history of bonehead moves."

AI's rebuttal:

"I'm Allen Iverson! The 4-time scoring champion and former league MVP. Coming off the bench for the Grizzlies cramps my style. I mean, this team stinks. I thought I was gonna come here and play 48 minutes a night and take 50 shots a game. You know, to pile on my Hall of Fame numbers. Peace out Memphis! AI don't ride the bench for nobody!"

All I can say is, "Good riddance!"

Photo courtesy of the AP


  1. I second that good riddance! "Practice, you wanna talk about practice," as AI once said. Anyone who is paid millions of dollars and feels he doesn't need to practice with his team shouldn't be on the court. Now he has all the time in the world to practice.

  2. LOL!! I remember that "practice" comment.