Thursday, October 8, 2009

A-Rod Did A-Ok

New York Yankees 7 - Minnesota Twins 2, Game 1

This is about as close to a compliment as Alex Rodriguez is going to get here in New York. Last night A-Rod snapped an 0-29 postseason slump with runners on base. His slump dates back to Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS.

The Yankees behind C.C. Sabathia took a 1-0 ALDS lead on a very tired Minnesota Twins team. But considering their exhaustion, the Twins didn't look all that bad last night. They did out-hit the Yankees, 10-9 and had an early 2-0 lead. With a day off today, they have a chance to hit the refresh button and maybe surprise "Goliath" in Game 2 tomorrow.

As for A-Rod, he went 2-4 with 2RBI and 1 Run Scored. It was great to see him finally get the monkey off his back because one thing's for sure, being A-Rod is no easy task in this town. The media reminded him everyday of his postseason woes.

"It certainly felt good to get that hit out of the way", A-Rod said. Don't worry A-Rod, they'll soon find something new to hound you about.

Photo courtesy of the NY Daily News.


  1. Do you like that the camera always pans to Kate Hudson everytime A-Rod gets a big hit?

  2. Yes, I did notice. I think they are trying to start a Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson type of soap opera here.