Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boise State: The Leapfrogging Has Begun

On Saturday, the #5 Boise State Broncos defeated the UC Davis Aggies, 34-16. So how did the polls reward them? By dropping them to #6. The Broncos (5-0) were leapfrogged by #6 Virginia Tech (4-1) who defeated Duke (2-3), 34-26.

My question is-- Why?

Can someone please tell me the logic behind it? Common sense would tell us that if a #5 team wins their game, they should be able to hold their spot. Had there been a major match-up between, lets say, #6 vs. #7-- then I can see the winner of that match-up leaping to #5 and possibly lower.

But the Hokies beat Duke. Yes, Duke. The Blue Devils are not exactly a college football powerhouse. Or maybe the pollsters thought this was a basketball game. Now that's more understandable. In college hoops, Duke is a force to be reckoned with.


Some would argue that UC Davis was an extremely weak opponent for Boise State. That is also true, but we know that already. Boise State's strength of schedule is not exactly their strong point. Up until this week that component didn't seem to matter to the pollsters as the Broncos #5 ranking indicated.

And they, at least, beat UC Davis by 18, Virginia Tech barely escaped Duke, winning by only 8.

If anything, Virginia Tech should have lost a spot for that embarrassing performance against Duke. The Hokies were 17 point favorites in that game and at the end of the day, it was a decent performance by Duke.

I would have had much more respect for the pollsters had it been #7 USC who leapfrogged Boise State. The Trojans (4-1) crushed California, 30-3, at California. And the Trojans did not move a whisker on either poll. And remember, this is a California team that was once ranked #6.

I'd say, both USC and Boise State got hosed this week. I'm sure even Virginia Tech was surprised this morning when they saw themselves ahead of both the Trojans and the Broncos.

So why vote Boise State all the way down to #5 last week and get their fans all excited, only to slowly start pulling the rug out from under them? There is no logical reason why the Hokies deserve to be ahead of the Broncos.


Photos courtesy of the AP


  1. Nice post. I agree it is silly that Virginia Tech leap-frogged Boise. Yes, boise didn't score more points than expected, but as in all sports you play up to the level of your opponent. I don't think the level of intensity was the same as when they played Oregon.

    Is a Cavalier the same as a Hokie? I thought they were the Hokies, whatever that is.

  2. Thanks Charley. Excellent point about playing up to the level of your opponent. Just look at the Virginia Tech-Duke score. Why would they hold it against Boise but not Virginia Tech?

    And you are absolutely right....they are the Hokies. Thanks for pointing it out. Virginia are the Cavaliers. Tech are the Hokies. I guess so many schools and so many nicknames-- got them all bunched up in my ahead. I'll edit the post. Thanks again.