Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Angels Are On A Mission!

Los Angeles Angels 5 - Boston Red Sox 0, Game 1
Los Angeles Angels 4 - Boston Red Sox 1, Game 2
Angels lead series, 2-0

The Los Angeles Angels have taken a commanding, 2-0 lead in their ALDS series against the Boston Red Sox. The Angels have held the Red Sox to 1 run and 8 total hits in the 2 games so far. No Red Sox hitter is yet to get a hit in both games.

Boston has managed to evenly spread the misery--

In Game 1, they managed 4 singles by 4 different players, then those 4 players went hitless in Game 2 and in Game 2, they managed 4 hits (2 extra base hits) from 3 players who went hitless in Game 1.

Mike Lowell is a combined 0-7 and David Ortiz is even worse at a combined 0-8 with 4 strikeouts. The Angels pitching staff has performed brilliantly so far.

But sometimes the will to succeed isn't driven by the ones who are here-- but by the ones who aren't here. If the Angels go on to win the World Series, maybe their team MVP isn't on the field, but watching from a far away place.........

Photos courtesy of the LA Times


  1. Excellent post, I live here in LA so I don't know how much coverage the rest of the nation had when Adenhart had the accident, but it was really shocking and the Angels definitely felt the impact for the first month of the season. Angels this year are truly a heart-felt story. I also love the fact that Texiera left for more money and glory with the Yankees and Kendry Morales stepped up and put up just as impressive numbers.

  2. Great post! I live in LA, I'm not sure what the coverage was outside of here, but Adenhart's accident was shocking. It really impacted the Angels first month. The Angels are truly the feel good story of the year. Also Kendry Morales, Texiera left for glory and more money in New York, but Morales put up equal stats.

  3. It got decent coverage here in NY at the time, but not as detailed as I'm sure it got out there in LA. Just regular generic coverage, nothing about the mood of the team and the city. But those of us who follow baseball more objectively read articles from the LA papers and got a feel about what was really happening out there. Thank god for the internet.

    They are definitely the feel good story of the year. I think karma is on their side. Don't be surprised if you see Kendry Morales and the rest of the team celebrating as Mark Teixeira looks on.