Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roy Halladay Pitches A Gem Against the Mighty Yankees

On Friday night, Toronto Blue Jays ace, Roy Halladay pitched a one-hitter against the explosive lineup of the New York Yankees. It was an impressive performance against the most dominant offense in all of baseball.

Halladay (14-8) only allowed a double in the 6th. inning. He walked 3 batters and struck out nine.

The lone hit was by little-known Ramiro Pena. With the potent line-up the Yankees have, this has to be the highlight of Pena's career.

Just so we can see how impressive Halladay's masterpiece was, here's where the Yankees stand in every major offensive category in all of baseball:

Runs Scored - 773 - 1st.
Hits - 1327 - 2nd. (1 behind the Los Angeles Angels)
Home Runs - 210 - 1st.
RBIs - 742 - 1st.
Bases on Balls - 561 - 1st.
Team Average - .281 - 2nd. (behind the Angels - .287)

The Yankees lead the major leagues in just about everything. And Halladay shut them down, at times making it look easy. Very, very impressive.

And remember, this is the same Halladay, the Blue Jays were shopping around before the trade deadline. I'm one of those who strongly feels, the Blue Jays should do everything possible to keep Halladay. He's the pride of baseball in Toronto--and all of Canada for that matter. His one-hitter against the mighty Yankees on Friday night has been the highlight of the Blue Jays season so far.

If the Blue Jays get rid of him, who are the fans going to cheer for? I understand the economics of baseball but I also believe that if the Blue Jays are going to be a factor in the near future it starts with Halladay.

So my message to Toronto's front office is, "break the damn piggy bank and build a team around him."

Just for the sake of admiration, here is Halladay's pitching line from Friday night:

Halladay (14-8) 9 1 0 0 3 9 0 2.98

One thing is certain, Halladay is a fan favorite and a thrill to watch. Hope the Blue Jays figure out a way to keep him.

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